Photography is a seasonal business. I have been in photography since 1998, I know. One aspect remains to a degree, without season. Newborn Photography, new life comes into this world everyday. Sometimes planned, sometimes unexpected; but always shattering the parents regular life as they know it. This can be a hard transition, but it is one of the most grand of all. The stewarding of new life is a treasure to any mom and dad.

With that being said, there is always a need for the photographing of young children/newborns/infants. It is one of the most sacred times in a human life and one that we rightfully should desire to have photographed. The reason so many come to me for newborn photography is that I have a reputation of never disappointing. While sometimes my services can be pricy, I never disappoint clients with the result.

So why not have uncle Joe take your baby pictures? He says he will do it for free and it’ll be just as good as anything else. Well chances are uncle Joe is unknowingly leading you astray. Unless he is a professional photographer, they will not be as good as anything else (certainly not as good as if Auntie A takes your pictures). See photography is ART and art is never cheap. Art grows its value over time, and while trends and genres change, your art will always be beautiful.

So whatever season you are expecting, whatever walk of life you feel like you are in. Do not pass up an opportunity to have art handed down to your little one. The pictures we take will be kept in your living room till all grow old. Bless yourself and your child this season.

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