Houston Families for 18 years have come to my studio to be captured through each and every stage of their lives. Sometimes they bring me expecting bellies…other times giggling babies and children wanting to go outside and play. All of my families know that what we do here is more fun than any other “required” family activity! He he he… When Daddy’s come they really don’t know what to expect and very quickly they realize that we are going to have fun, picture taking is painless and even they can commit to seeing this artist once a year to have moments captured when the children are grown and gone. When they see the images in my galleries of grandparents and think of their own ….it’s at those moments that they “get it.” What I do for my clients is not really photography…. it’s art, it’s capturing their sparkles, giggles, relationships and growing babies. I have the best job in the whole wide world! 🙂

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