Alisa Murray is Houston’s Childhood Photographer. Capturing families as they grow has been my passion for all of these 18 years that I have been the portrait artist for my special families that ultimately are my friends. Watching their children change and grow, building relationships with them as part of their family is not really doing the work of photography at all…it is really about caring deeply that each of my littles will have memories captured, and that they are real not fake…perfect art of them..on perfect papers and will last throughout many generations for their families to enjoy.

The concept of being a portrait artist for my families came from the way I saw my Daddy’s patients follow him. As he  was an OBGYN he saw many patients and friends throughout their pregnancies and then as they grew older he delivered their grandchildren too! I saw these same people go to church with us and dinners and even vacations making the concept of being a part of the family an easy and effortless assumption.

Many of my families come to see me from all over the world. The majority of them though come from Houston Texas and the surrounding sub sections within the city. This sweet family is one of our dearest friends. Logan started calling me his “Tia Li Li” when he started speaking and recently my sweet Ava gave me the gardenia she had put in her hair for her parents annual Cinco De Mayo party. Mom was impressed that she insisted I take it home. Now that they are older we always do a “Big Shoot” for their birthdays and then a quick one for the holiday cards. This is their Big Shoot with Auntie A for 2016! #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography #artist 

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