Maternity shooting is one of my favorites! I have always thought that the female form all blossoming in the wonderment of expecting life has been one of the most beautiful opportunities to capture. I started shooting maternity in 1998 and have never stopped.

Over the years I have developed many lighting techniques that enable me as the portrait artist to capture the most flattering of poses. As the first installment of my now internationally recognized style of “Legacy wall of life” collections, the maternity session marks a new beginning for each of my families. Some are here from the very beginning and others find me as they grow their families. Each maternity session brings several important images for specific places to display in your home.

The first part of the maternity session consist in capturing images for the “Legacy wall of life” collection and are those you’ll recognize of my work with black backgrounds and sepia or black and white images. Those of mothers in black lace, father’s kissing the belly and hands on the belly with wedding bands. As Houston’s Maternity and Baby Photographer these collections are displayed in permanent exhibition at several local hospitals.

The second and third parts of my maternity sessions are those pieces of art meant to be displayed in either the nursery or master bedroom suite. The image featured here is baby number 3 on the way! Some of the images you’ll recognize in my work from these collections are of mother’s outside with long gowns, bellies wrapped in tulle with flowers and very sexy laying in a sea of roses, now a trademarked image!

Maternity sessions can be purchased in two ways. As a one time session of $250 and as part of a session package that I named “First year of Life” so many years ago. You’ll see me at specific intervals throughout the first year and beyond  and most clients choose to have me be their portrait artist in this way so that their families are captured as they grow. That is the difference an ARTIST makes! #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography #artist #auntieArockstheshots   

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