Each year families around the world take part in family photography sessions. These treasured photos include pictures of kids, children and their parents or grandparents, couples who do not have any kids, and even families along with their faithful pets. Family photographs provide multiple generations with a link to the past that few other mediums can capture. And once you take the photos, they can last for years, as long as you care for them properly.


To make the process easier, when booking a family photography session make sure to keep in mind which package you want to order. Packages range from just a few small, wallet-size pictures to larger packages with multiple picture sizes, including portraits that you can hang on the wall.


What Is Family Photography?


Family photography entails getting all of your family members together in one place, making sure everyone is satisfied with the settings or the backdrops to be used for the photos, and then arranging everyone in place for the photo shoot. Coordinating all of this might seem like a challenge, but by considering the following tips, your next family photography session will be a snap.


Getting Everybody Together


The biggest challenge when taking a family picture involves getting everyone together who you want in the photo. While simple enough when it involves only your kids and other immediate family members, including extended family members can require a bit more time.


The biggest stumbling block to overcome involves picking a date and time when everyone can make it to the appointment. Keep the driving distances in mind when arranging the session with extended family members who you want to include in the photo.


The Photo Arrangement


Once everyone arrives at the appointment, it’s time to arrange all of the participants into an engaging shot. Photographers have extensive experience with picture composition, so listen to what they have to say and go from there. One idea is to have older family members seated with the rest of the family gathered around them. Remember to have taller family members stand in the back and place shorter family members and the kids in the front so everyone can be seen.


Also make sure everyone stands relatively close together, or the picture could look spread out. Once together, the picture-taking process should be done swiftly, especially if children are included.




Also consider the setting of the photograph. Many studio photographers use a backdrop with different scenes or colors to impart a particular feel to a family photograph. When away from the studio, a photographer usually uses a location within the environment as a setting.


Many historical buildings make great settings for a family photograph, and some locations even offer this as a service to their visitors. When planning a family photo, talk with the photographer beforehand to make sure everyone is onboard with any setting or backdrop used.


The Benefits of Family Photography


The biggest value in a family photograph involves boosting a child’s self-esteem by letting him or her know where they fit in a family and who their familial relations are, including as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. A photograph also captures the growth of a child, documenting their life as they grow bigger and older. Each subsequent group photo provides a snapshot of where your children were at that point in their life, both physically in their height and mentally in their maturity.


A family photo can also serve as a bittersweet reminder of lost loved ones and good memories. Oftentimes, a family photography provides the only link you might have to old memories and relationships of family members and friends.


Family photography takes a little coordination on your part, as well as a knowledge of composition, lighting, and other important factors on the photographer’s part. And while taking a family photograph might seem like a tiresome task, the experience can actually be a fun and memorable process. It’s also likely that you’ll look back fondly on the experience. A well-taken photo can provide a link to the past, especially when it comes to your children, as the process documents them as they grow and eventually get to the point where they take a family photo of their own.

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