Although taking impromptu with your cell phone can be a fan and can result in awesome photos that you can post on your Facebook page or post online, it might not be reliable for a family portrait or other formal shot. When it comes to formal portraits, customers require high-quality photos that stand the test of the time. Photos taken by professional photographers in a studio setting features timeless, classical look that the customer can treasure for generations. Here the benefits of studio session photography:

i. Full control of the environment:

When you are outside, you are not able to control various elements of the environment such as light, rain, wind, etc. The outdoor elements can easily affect the portrait in different ways. The studio setting allows the photographer to control different environmental settings such as light, the wind, rain and many others, resulting in a high-quality portrait.

ii. Convenience

With photo studio, you don’t have to hike to a remote location with more beautiful sceneries. This is very important for the elderly and children who find it challenging to move from one place to another.

iii. Easy to obtain a formal and professional look

If you are looking for a formal and more professional look, photo studio setting is the way to go. You can easily manage the different elements to attain the professional look that that will impress those who see it.

iv. Easier to achieve timeless and classic look in a studio session

Photos taken in a studio have most formal and timeless tested and classical look than those taken at a location on a more casual basis. The classical look in the portrait will be cherished by the family for a generation to come.

v. Wide variety of photo background to choose from

Professional studio includes a variety of photo backdrop to choose from such as beautiful hand painted muslin or bright seamless paper. With various color settings and photo backdrop sceneries of different textures, you can easily find the look you want.


On the other side, Studio Portraits have its shortcomings that include:

– One of the main shortcomings of the studio session portraits is the customized lighting. If you need more natural lighting to give some extra natural effect, the studio will not be able to give it.

– The studio also has quite small space, and you may need to extra space to be able to deliver your shots instead of having to deliver everything in a congested space.

– It should also be noted that studio offers fewer dynamics as most features are stand still. If you may need a more dynamic and flawless outside look, the studio photography is not the best for you.


Location photography is more spontaneous and achieves natural look, which makes it more appropriate for the certain type of photos. However, for more professional look studio portrait can be the best way to go. The studio is complete with superb lighting and beautiful photo background to choose from and is likely to offer more advantages to portrait photographer.

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